The East Is Fed

文化大革命の時代に、田舎での「再教育」に追いやられたある中国人の経験から得た貴重なレシピでもあるThe Cultural Revolution Cookbook を紹介している文章で、わかりにくいところをピックアップしてみました。

第1段落 In 1969, 12-year old Sasha was sent from her home in the southern Chinese city to the rural hinterlands to be “re-educated.”(一部略)
It was also a time of severe food and fuel shortages that caused China’s culinary tradition to flatline.
それはまた、中国料理の伝統をゼロにしてしまう厳しい食料不足と燃料不足の時代でもあった。(cause something to flatline が難しいところ)
第2段落 It would be a huge mistake to assume that mere shortage of ingredients or fuel stopped Chinese cooks from preparing tasty, nourishing meals. (おなじみstop somebody from doing の構文)
第4段落 which rationed ingredients could be stretched.
第7段落 ..the 80 homely recipes inspire with their simplicity and no-nonsense prose.
第8段落 “Living in the countryside made many into frugal cooks who learned to get the best flavors out of low-calorie foods…
At a time when Chinese society is considerably more stable and affluent, yet plagued by endless food-safety scandals and ever increasing obesity levels, the irony of Seligman’s sentiment is not lost on anyone.