Story No. 6

When George became thirty-five years old, he finally decided to realize his childhood dream; Owning a small plane. After getting one, he started to take lessons on how to fly his plane. Surprisingly, he was very good at it and soon became a very good pilot. He could make his plane do a lot of tricks up in the sky.

He asked one of his close friends, Michael to go up in the sky together. He was a business person and often went abroad. Michael thought for a second and finally said, “I would be glad to do with you.” Michael thought that he had had many experiences of flying in a big plane, but that he had never gone up in the sky in a small plane. And he concluded that he would go with George.

One day, they met and got into George’s plane. For about half an hour, George showed his beautiful tricks in the sky. When they returned, Michael looked pale. “Are you all right?” said George. “I hope you enjoyed the trip.” Michael, then, said, “Well, I really enjoyed those two trips.” Surprised to hear this, George asked his close friend, “Two trips?” Then Michael answered, “My first and last.” Which means Michael would never go up again with George.”
(215 words)