Can Money Buy Happiness?

I think money can buy happiness for the following three reasons. 

First, money can attract people. We often think that money attract only those who are interested about money, but that is not the case. Among them, there must be some ambitious ones, and you can be friends with them to create something new. The point is whether you can be a good judge of people or not. 

Second, money can give you the best medical service. There are a lot of diseases we can cure with a lot of money. In this sense, we can say money can buy health. The longer and healthier you live, the more chances you can be happy.

Finally, with money, you will be able to get things necessary to be happy. For instance, if you love comics, you can get valuable comic books drawn by Mr. Osamu Tezuka, or other well-known comic creators. If you love vehicles, you may buy Volkswagen or other famous classic cars. Purchasing these things will make you happier.

For the reasons I mentioned above, I believe money can make you happier. 

基本としては、まず自分なりの結論を書き、そのあと、できるだけ具体的にその結論が導かれた理由を書きます。具体例があるとより説得力が出てきます。  最後にまとめとして、序論で書いたものと同じ結論を書きます。