CSI Effect

CSI Effect

One day, one of my students asked me how I find some topic to talk during a coffee break.

I picked up one example; CSI Effect.

Do you know a TV drama, CSI? This is one of the most popular criminal TV drama. 

CSI is one section of the police.

Its members study and analyse material evidence to find out the hidden truth of a crime case.

This kind of drama is very popular. Almost all around the world, these dramas are produced and broadcast.

In fact, CSI was awarded as the most watched drama in the world in 2007,2008, and 2010.

As a result, what we call CSI effect appeared among the viewers.

The first thing is that many people are interested in how advanced science is applied in 
solving crime cases.

In some crime-fiction TV dramas, clever investigators check things left at the crime scene.

They work together and find out the suspect was not the one who really committed the crime.

Second, even legal professionals point out that the jurors often ask questions about material evidence and for analysis on them.

“This is an influence of those TV dramas.” say the professionals–judges and attorneys.

In fact, a survey of 500 people in a jury pool. 70% watch CSI or similar crime-fiction dramas.

Maybe this kind of topic can be effective to kill time.