Powerful message for women

TIME magazine (March 18) published an essay by Sheryl Sandberg claiming that the writer wanted her fellow women to work powerful in their workplace.

Sandberg points out that women are always getting the message that they have to choose between succeeding at work and being a good wife and mother. By the time they enjoy lives in college, they think about balancing those two things. According to a survey done in Princeton’s class in 2006, more than six out of ten women predicted the balance of work and family while only 33 % of men expected a conflict. Because of this gap, the predictable results are produced; only 40 % of professional women return to work full time after taking time off for their family.

But, says Sandberg, women do not a big decision to leave the workforce. Instead, they make small decisions throughout the life. For instance, many women, thinking of having a family, do not try hard to involve themselves with important tasks in the workplace. These attitudes, however, sometimes make them feel unfulfilled when they return to the former working place.

Her suggestion to all the working women is that; Stop trying to have it all. When she was working in an office, she could not leave the office while others were working. Then one day, she decided to leave without caring so much about her co-workers except when they had important meetings. She found that done is better than perfect. If you want to be perfect all the time, you will get tired. So don’t want to be perfect all the time. That is an impossible illusion. Take a rest before you fall down under the pressure.

Workplace is still biased and women have to work hard to overcome these discrimination. For those people who work hard, this essay will encourage 
and empower you.