The Media Is Useful in Our Daily Life

I strongly believe the mass media, such as newspapers as well as TV and radio programs, is essential in our daily life because of the following three reasons–advertisement, enlightenment and educational contribution.

First, advertisements provide us with significant information about our daily necessities. For instance, we are able to figure out what the recent trends are like. Recently, we have seen a lot of ads of computer games, which means people get attracted to these things.

Enlightenment is another important role the media plays in our lives. Many people have been swindled with ‘It’s me fraud.’ Since TV programs and newspapers report a variety of cases, ordinary citizens succeeded avoiding being victimized.

Finally, the media contributes a lot to school education. Especially junior high students have NIE–News in English–program, through which the youngsters learn what kind of things take place in the real world. This knowledge will make them ready to go into business world.

For these reasons mentioned above, I claim that the media is advantageous to us in many aspects.
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