How should we prevent an epidemic?

How should we prevent an epidemic?

There are two big strategies to protect ourselves from an epidemic of diseases–first, medical care, and second, education.

First, when we find out a new disease or the disease which we thought we destroyed began to spread many people, we have to send specialists and medicine to keep it within an area. 

We need experts of the disease, special things which are required to cure the patients, and hospitals to keep victimized people. 

We have to exchange and share the information. 

World co-operation among nations is necessary to prevent an epidemic.

Second, in a larger sense, however, education is necessary. 

Even though we send experts to cure the patients, people in the epidemic area do not have sufficient amount of knowledge, they misunderstand our efforts and bother us. 

For instance, when people had an attack of fever, local people believed it was caused by some religious reason and made a raid upon hospitals. 

As a result, patients with critical condition were taken away.

As I mentioned above, when we have an attack of an epidemic, we need medical care. 

But in a larger sense, people should have some medical knowledge.