Towards Step 1st Grade!

Vocabulary is one of the biggest problems for advanced learners. In fact, there are a lot of vocabulary books published in English-speaking nations, because people classify others depending on how large one’s vocabulary is.

In Japan, however, we do not have such a custom, and as a result, we take it for granted that people learn words by heart just for entrance examination. An interesting thing is that some people are good at memorizing words while others don’t have any interests in it.

Let me tell you some hints to remember the words you don’t know.

Read English novels.

Dr. Toru Matsumoto, an English teacher who wrote over 300 books on English, once said that we should read for three hours every day. 
Read, read, and read! This should be the motto in learning English.

Then what we should read?
I recommend Sherlock Holmes story. 
The author Conan Doyle was a writer who produced good sentences. 
His writings deserve sophisticated, exciting and traditional literature.
Through reading his works, you will come across the words and phrases you learned in the procedure of preparing for Step 1st grade examination.

I hope you enjoy learning English using this exciting detective story.
And as Dr. Matsumoto said, “Read, read and read!”