Does the government spend taxpayers’ money wisely?

Does the government spend taxpayers’ money wisely?

I believe the government spends taxpayers’ money wisely for the following two reasons; welfare system and protection of disasters.

First, let me point out a welfare system. 

Though the widening gap between the rich and the poor is getting worse, still we have some systems to help people who are suffering from the lack of money and financial support. 

When we have no money to support our life, the government has a system to offer job training and accommodation for the poor. 

At least, Japan does not have so many people starving to death. 

Next is the protection of disasters. 

No wonder it is difficult to predict national disasters such as the earthquake, flood, storm, and so on. 

What is important is how quickly the life will be normal. 

Right after the earthquake, flood, storm and any other disaster, SDF and police immediately come to the devastated areas and help people and work hard to restore the system. 

In fact, right after Osaka earthquake, electricity, gas, and transportation were quickly restored except a few places. 

I believe citizens do not have much dissatisfaction about these quick reactions of local governments.

I conclude that the government is working hard to keep people safe and happy.