Are wars ever justified?

Are wars ever justified?

There are some cases we can justify wars–first, to protect our people, second, to protect our land and finally, to protect our fortune. 

Let me explain.

First, each nation should protect its people. 

When another country send its army to the land and begins to kill people, it should be accepted for the government to fight against the invaders. 

Imagine when someone came into your house and try to kill your family members. 

No law will prevent you from protecting yourself and your wife, children, and relatives. 

Therefore, the war to protect your people should be justified.

Second, without land, we cannot sustain our lives. 

When someone occupies your place and lock you out of your place, you can attack that person and regain your land. 

This is the second case wars should be justified. 

Finally, you have right to ask other nations for help in case that thieves take your money, treasure and other fortunes. 

No one has good reason to take your fortune.

Justice is on your side. 

To keep thieves away from your land, you can protect yourself with weapons and soldiers. 

Self-protection should be justified.

As I mentioned above, there are wars which should be justified in case that someone tries to take your life, land and fortune.