Think Fast! Speak Fast!!②

やさしい英語で、日常的な問題を話してみると、いかに自分がThink Fast できないかが、よくわかります。


Before telling people about how to learn English, I would like to tell you how I acquired this language.

Our Japanese deep rooted in our brain and in our daily life.

How then did we learn our language?

We learned Japanese listening to my parents speak it.

When my father said, “Good morning!” I said the same thing over and over again.

I began to think that this was the phrase I would use when I met someone in the morning.

In this way, we mastered our mother tongue.

When I entered Junior High School, first of all, I learned ABC.

Nothing wrong with it, but we have to remember that people in America, in England, and other English speaking countries do not learn English with ABC.

Then my teacher told me that ABC is just a sign representing a sound or sounds.

“In fact, A has several ways of pronouncing, like “a” in “lake,””a book,” and so on.”

This was quite new to me.